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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Calling for reviews


P'kaboo is currently looking to give away a few book copies to people who are willing to review.  

To find out where to select a book, follow this link and tell us in the email which book you would like us to send you to review.

We appreciate your feedback! 

Some of our books

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Always loved, never forgotten

 In honour of Iain, my soul-mate and the co-creator of the Solar Wind series and of P'kaboo Publishers, I have started a special deal coupon on Smashwords for all six so far available Solar Winds. 

The Coupon is public, but the code is 


Go get your copies; these books usually priced around 10$ each on Smashwords, are available at 2,50$  from Sunday (Father's Day), until Iain's birthday on the 27th of July. 

To view the books, click the link below.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Brand new title at P’kaboo: WISP - by Elizabeth Mostyn


WISP - by Elizabeth Mostyn

WISP – a novel by Elizabeth Mostyn

The story of a half-retired, half-focused nutty professor, who has hallucinations and dreams, but stumbles across something that is too real to be either –

Ben’s trouble is that because of his general brain fog, people don’t quite take him seriously. However, with patience he manages to convince a few good friends to help him solve that mystery, and the much younger, sharper people begin to realize that they are up against what might be a horrific crime.

Brilliantly conceptualized, Mostyn puts the story together puzzle piece by puzzle piece. The most intriguing is the puzzle of Ben himself – what exactly happened to his Wisp?

Available now at P’kaboo Publishers.

Friday, November 5, 2021

A lovely review for Andrea Kaczmarek's "Do You Know The Rainbow Witch?"

 A lovely review for Andrea's "Rainbow Witch"


No sooner was this book released, and reviews are beginning to come in.  Here is a lovely one on Amazon:

Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2021 

 More often than not children relate themselves with the characters of a good story. In such circumstances, reading fiction can help them to get inspiration from the characters. These stories often portray real life implications through anecdotes, and as such makes it easier for them to understand the complex aspects of life. Moreover, reading these stories at regular intervals can actually help them to develop a positive outlook towards life, which eventually proves beneficial for good character development.

The Rainbow Witch by Andrea Kaczmarek is a humorous fairytale suitable for...  [read more at THIS link]

Do You Know The Rainbow Witch is available on Amazon:

Sunday, October 31, 2021

 Do You Know The Rainbow Witch?

Image of book cover "Do You Know The Rainbow Witch"


After a far too long wait, but right in time for Halloween, Andrea Kaczmarek's "Do You Know The Rainbow Witch" is finally live. 

 Get it here on P'kaboo, or follow the links on the site to Amazon. (Please remember to click "like" on the way.)



Friday, September 4, 2020

Well done, Shaun Harbour!


Shaun in touch

Our client Shaun Harbour‘s book The Robin and the Wish has been translated into Braille, and published by the Scottish Braille Press in Edinburgh. Here’s a cutting from Shaun’s local newspaper celebrating this. Well done, Shaun, on reaching a new and wonderful readership.

(Reblogged from Bookseeker Agency, with its owner’s permission)

The Robin and the Wish was launched on 16 August in the P’kaboo Book Club on Facebook in its ebook version. The Braille version, produced by Scottish Braille, was available from that night forward.

The book is available here in ebook and Braille version.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Ebook Launch: The Robin And The Wish

 We are happy to announce the long-overdue launch of 

The Robin and the Wish

by Shaun Harbour


Please feel free to attend the Launch on Facebook.

About the Author:

Shaun Harbour lives in the ever inspiring idylls of rural Perthshire.

The only male in a household of wife, 2 kids and 2 cats, he remains a poet/cartoonist/writer who wishes day jobs didn’t have to exist.

He has self-published a few poetry collections, and is a keen singer - maintaining his place as a tenor with the Scottish Police and Community choir for the last 8 years, where he’s performed for royalty, flashmobbed at ‘T In The Park’, performed on stage and on the streets in NYC, alongside Scottish legend Dougie MacLean and toured with Russell Watson.

He once appeared on The Chase, where where he was destroyed by “The Beast” Mark Labbett.

He also likes to draw a little.




Monday, April 6, 2020

The Passing of a Legend

Author of "Tabika", "Regina", "Baa Baa Black Belt"; "Darx Circle" and the not-yet-released "Immy" series, and our loyal and excellent editor Leslie Hyla Winton Noble, passed away after a long and valiant battle against cancer, on 13 March this year.

He leaves a legacy for his readers; but also, as an integral part of P'kaboo Publishers, we feel his absence acutely. 

May he rest in peace.  Goodbye my loyal friend, until we meet again beyond the Gate.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Blue Between - now on Smashwords

Now available on Smashwords:


The Blue Between

A PLAYGROUND in Knysna, South Africa
A wooden swing. A Polaroid camera.

Andricia, heartbroken on her eighteenth birthday.

Sebastian, an introverted twelve-year-old boy
from London who FALLS for her on sight — and
cannot forget her, even into adulthood.

For years he returns to the place of their meeting,
hoping to see her again.


To see a lovely preview:


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Updates and Errata

For everyone who subscribed and got a weird, sentimental post - it was meant for a different blog.  Apologies, followers!

P'kaboo in 2019:

Welcome to this year.

We have a number of exciting novels and children's books in the burner right now.  Some are nearly ready and some are being edited. Here is a sneak peek:

1.  The Robin and the Wish (Shaun Harbour)

Small Girl lives alone in the Old Forest.  That is, until Robin appears and enriches her life, with song by day and light by night.

But then something dark starts to disturb their peaceful life.  Something that wants Small Girl - and doesn't want to share.

A lingering story with rare emotional depth.

2.  The Immy Series (Leslie Hyla Winton Noble)

Peeps are already familiar with Immy - launched in 2012 in South Africa, then retracted for editing in 2014.

Immy and the Dragon:  Immy is a brave little girl who encounters a dragon in the forest.  The series follows their adventures together.

3.  The Grumpy Princess  (Andrea Kaczmarek)

(No image available yet)

This delightful story comes from Andrea Katzmarek, our author of "Pink Wish Ice Cream".  What happened to the princess who, unlike Aurora, was not condemned by the evil fairy to 100 years of sleep?

4.  The Brothers Thanatos (Joshua Gamon)

This riveting fantasy novel (not for children!) is a page turner like few.  Max Thanatos, a mage of the finest order, will go to extraordinary lengths to save his brother Charlie's soul from the Devil.

5.  Wisp (Constance Tonge)

P'kaboo is pretty proud to have signed on the descendant of Bram Stoker himself.  "Wisp" is a story set in a half-light between reality and imaginings; politics and a haunted past. It takes a while to unravel what comes down to, essentially, a fiendish crime against humanity.

There are more books in the developmental process too; and we're hoping that this year, finally, we will be able to bring you the long-awaited sequel by Marie Marshall to "From My Cold Undead Hand"; which is "Kwireboy vs Vampyre".

We are also on the look-out for reviews for the recently published books, "Darx Circle" (by Leslie Noble), and "The Blue Between" (by Annemarie Luck).