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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review for the 8-author shortstory compilation, 'Mercury Silver'

Thank you, Nikki Mason of Bestchicklit, for your sweet review of P'kaboo's 'Mercury Silver' :

What they say:
A quirky compilation of short-stories by 8 individualistic authors with very differing styles. Enjoy!

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

This is a wonderfully eclectic mix of short stories including fairy stories, modern fables and touchingly emotional pieces. If you’re the sort of person who prefers a box of assorted truffles over a bar of dairy milk – this is for you.

For me the stand out stories were Betwixt and Between by Lucy P Naylor, which was disturbing but delightful and charmingly written and Going Home by Lyz Russo, a chilling little tale that uses the short story genre to its full potential. Both had the air of the supernatural about them, which appealed to my gothic tastes. Having said that, all the stories have an air of magic and mystery, even if it’s just the funny little circumstances that life can throw up.

An easy book to dip in and out of and a crazy mix of writing styles, Mercury Silver is totally worth a punt.

Click Here To Buy This Book – UK
Click Here To Buy This Book – US

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Reviewed: "Freedom Fighter" (Solar Wind 3)

Thank you, Colleen from Silver Threading, for this lovely review of "Freedom Fighter", the third in the "Solar Wind" series by P'kaboo author Lyz Russo. 


In her review Colleen focuses on the teenage relationships in the story, one of the main themes of "Freedom Fighter", inbetween freak waves, terrorist attacks and flying UFOs.


 I have to tell you all, I am hopelessly in love with this series. The characters have found their way into my heart. I feel pained every time I come to the end of another exciting installment because I want to know more! I think I must have some gypsy blood running through my veins!


What happens next? I’m dying to find out!  

Freedom Fighter finds Captain Radomir Lascek up to his neck in negotiations with the Unicate and other warring factions as he tries to carve out a peaceful treaty to the new world order that has taken over the earth. So much so, that he has no choice but to make his daughter, Rushka Donegal, the captain of the Solar Wind.  


There are currently a few give-away copies of "Freedom Fighter" available at Smashwords: 



Friday, May 20, 2016

Reviews: "From my Cold, Undead Hand"; "Pink Wish Ice Cream"; "The Assassin"

Three P'kaboo books received great new reviews in the past time:

From My Cold, Undead Hand  (by Marie Marshall)

https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/from-my-cold-undead-handReviewed by for Readers' Favorite

From My Cold Undead Hand (Where the Vampires Are, Volume 1) by Marie Marshall is the first book in what promises to be a thrilling, interesting take on vampire legend and lore. Chevonne Kusnetsov is a teenager living in the near-distant future, a world that you will recognize but it is subtly different from our own. Chevonne is like any other normal teenager - she goes to school, has friends, has a mother who worries about her, stays home alone after school reading books, but her "job" is not the job of normal teenagers - she researches and kills vampires. This isn't a Buffy the Vampire Slayer world, where the vampires are all beautiful, but our world where the vampires just want you dead. Chevonne is a Resistance fighter, and she's out to save mankind.

Marshall does a fantastic job with creating an alternate world for us, where the action happens at a breakneck pace. From using technology that isn't developed yet, to using weapons not designed yet, to using language and phrases not spoken yet, she creates a universe that is strangely familiar to us, yet it's a place where you have to watch your back or you'll be dead. Vampires aren't glamorous, it isn't romantic to meet a vampire in the alley behind the school, and they most certainly don't sparkle. Marshall also does a remarkable job of tying in the classic vampire novel, Dracula, but makes you believe that it's all real. This is a book that will leave you breathless for more!

Where to buy this book:
P'kaboo pdf ebook (Paypal)
Amazon Paperback / Kindle

Pink Wish Ice Cream (by Andrea Kaczmarek) 

Reviewed by Jean Brown (on Reader's Favourites):

This is a gentle and engaging story and an excellent resource for teachers of younger children to use in the classroom as well as parents at home.

The story begins with a clear explanation of the witches to set the context plus, when reading the book to children, they can join in the fun by coming up with ideas for pink objects!
There is a carefully crafted build-up so that the children are quickly ‘hooked’ wanting to know what the children are going to wish for and whether or not their wishes will be granted. The text also engages with the children asking them questions linked to recognising good manners – a lovely way to help children learn good manners.

Finally, the children are asked to think about what they would wish for which again could lead to lots of discussion linked to thinking of others before yourself.

I wonder what Mrs Polly Pink-Witches’ friends (Mrs Scarlett Red-Witch and Mrs Marigold Yellow-Witch) are going to be famous for? More food for thought for the children!

Jean Brown
Where to buy this book:
P'kaboo pdf ebook (Paypal)
Amazon Paperback / Kindle Fixed-Layout Children's Ebook

"The Assassin" (Solar Wind 2) (by Lyz Russo)

Reviewed by Colleen Chesebro from Silver Threading:

The author provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review which follows...

Captain Radomir Lascek and his band of unruly pirates, sailing upon his ship, the Solar Wind, continue to hide from the Unicate and their evil associates. However, there is more at stake now. Two data capsules in the Captain's possession explain that the Rebellion is on a similar path as the Unicate, and both forces could spell the end of the world if the Captain doesn't act soon.

When the Captain's secret station in Antarctica is attacked, he is forced to take matters into his own hands. He employs Federi, the part-time gypsy chef/master assassin and Paean, a ship's musician and budding genetic scientist to embark on a mission to assassinate as many of the top Unicate Officials as they can. Reluctantly, Federi teaches Paean the art of killing, something the fifteen-year-old finds to be a necessary evil in this futuristic world they are forced to survive in.

Struggling to deal with the burgeoning feelings he has for Paean, Federi confronts the "killing animal" that dwells within his heart. He knows he has the soul of an assassin. His greatest fear is that he will lose the love and admiration from the young girl, a certain loss he knows he could not endure.

As the story unfolds the reader discovers Federi and Paean share a type of gypsy intuition, a mystical connection that belongs only to them. This psychic ability blossoms into a deep love between the two, even though Federi is much older than Paean. This is gypsy love at its finest, and I was bewitched by the touching love story that drew me deeper into the adventure.

The book is long but filled with so much intrigue and suspense you gladly read on to unravel the various mysteries that are part of the whole adventure aboard the Solar Wind. For me, this book delves deeper into the characters and gives you a glimpse into the mechanics of their personalities. I like these pirates. Their humanity speaks to me. I can't wait to dive into the third book in the series, Freedom Fighter. Stay tuned…

My Rating:

Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 4
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 4.5 out of 5 stars

 Where to buy this book:
P'kaboo pdf ebook / paperback (Paypal)
Amazon Paperback / Kindle
Smashwords ebook

We thank our reviewers for their time, trouble, and wonderful reviews!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Bookseeker tells of new poetry for Spring

A little touch of haiku in the spring…

1We have heard from our client Marie Marshall that the Spring 2016 Showcase of the zen space is now published. the zen space is of course the e-zine for haiku and other short, in-the-moment writing. This issue appears to be shot through with paintings by Vincent van Gogh. When asked why, Marie shrugs and says “Why not?” Can’t argue with that! Click on Vincent’s selfie to be transported to the zen space.

By the way, Marie also tells us that the editing process has begun for her novel KWIREBOY vs VAMPIRE, the sequel to From My Cold, Undead Hand, with publication due later this year. Good news – we’re looking forward to it greatly!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bookseeker Attends International Poetry Festival in Scotland

Stanza 2016

StAnza header
Here are some visual memories of this year’s StAnza at St Andrews. As always, the main venues for this exciting poetry festival were the Byre Theatre and the Town Hall, each place having rooms enough for simultaneous presentations, readings, performances, and exhibitions.
Will Philip
I got the chance to meet and chat with several interesting people and to catch some of the excellent poetry sessions. I had a long chat with Scottish poet Will Philip, in which we explored everything from the concept of art, through the poetry as communication, to theology. My good friend and colleague Damo Bullen was there, and we had a chinwag – when he wasn’t checking the Burnley v. Blackburn score on his smartphone – and caught the performance by Jemima Foxtrot together.
Helena Nelson and I, along with another visitor to the HappenStance stall at the Poetry Market, had a long discussion about lip-reading as part of the reception/interpretation of spoken performances. Helena gave me a copy of her book How (Not) To Get Your Poetry Published – thank you Helena, that’ll come in very handy – and told me I should style myself a ‘literary secret agent’ because it sounded much more glamorous.
Helena Nelson
Yes, literary secret agent, I like that.
On top of that there were pieces of cake served on poem-bearing serviettes at the Poetry Market, macaroni pies and Schiehallion ale at the Studio Theatre, and blissful scones at the cafĂ© in the Byre. StAnza is still in full swing as I write this, but alas my own visits are over until next year…
… when maybe the literary secret agent may even step into an open mic event. You never know.

Kirsten Luckins
Valerie Laws

Aase Berg
The Poetry Market
Jemima Foxtrot

Thursday, February 11, 2016

An exciting review and a winning short-story for Marie Marshall

One of our authors, Marie Marshall is making waves with a double win:

 Firstly, she received a highly exciting review on "Readers' Favourite" for her "From My Cold, Undead Hand". 

From My Cold Undead Hand (Where the Vampires Are, Volume 1) by Marie Marshall is the first book in what promises to be a thrilling, interesting take on vampire legend and lore. Chevonne Kusnetsov is a teenager living in the near-distant future, a world that you will recognize but it is subtly different from our own. Chevonne is like any other normal teenager - she goes to school, has friends, has a mother who worries about her, stays home alone after school reading books, but her "job" is not the job of normal teenagers - she researches and kills vampires.

Secondly, her short-story "The Ice-House" is a winner at the Winter Words Festival and will be read at Pitlochry; read below for more details.


Ice House

A stretch of the Scottish coastline, though deceptively close to the port of Dundee in one direction, and the ancient city of St Andrews in the other, was a lonely expanse of sand dunes little more than a hundred years ago. Nowadays there is a pinewood and a car park near one end of it, and tracks to walk, but back then it was a solitary, almost inaccessible area. Somewhere, hidden in the dunes and pines, is an old ice-house, once used for storing salmon. A young woman, out for a day’s hike in the summer of 1919, stumbles across it, and awakens an old, dark mystery…

That is the premise for my eerie short story ‘The Ice-House’, and if you come along to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre on Friday 12th February, you will hear the whole tale unfold, as it is read out to the audience there by actor Helen…

View original post 38 more words


Monday, February 8, 2016

A riveting review for "Split Decision"

How could I have missed this?  Nikki Mason of BestChickLit reviewed "Split Decision" in October.  Thank you so much for this very to-the-point review!

Split Decision – Carmen Capuano

5156gFgBbJL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_What they say:

 How was Natalie to know that the decision she was about to make between two potential dates, would forever be a pivotal point in her life? That it would mark the time where childhood innocence ended? How could she even imagine that the wrong decision would send her life spiralling into the stuff of nightmares from where she might not come out alive? Life takes a cruel twist of fate when Natalie, a completely average [almost] 16 year old, is forced to make a split-second decision… a decision that will change her future and forever alter her perception of trust, love and the realities of life.

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:
I have to say that this is one of the darkest young adult books I’ve ever reviewed. That’s not necessarily a criticism, but there were times when I felt like a little relief was needed. Having said that, the intensity and increasing sense of danger and horror were both incredible.

Natalie is a very privileged, innocent fifteen-year-old. While shopping with her best friend she is asked out on two dates and must make the choice of which one to accept. Only, she doesn’t know quite how significant that choice will be, a choice that could strip away her cosy life forever.

Natalie is a great character and it’s so interesting to follow her progress throughout one important evening in two separate scenarios. The story splits into two “what ifs” once she has picked her date so readers can see the consequences of either decision, and boy, are there some consequences! It’s a clever format and very intricately plotted but in both evenings the fear and violence never feel far away. It’s a challenging and often uncomfortable read and not for the faint-hearted but well worth a look if you’re after some true grit.

Click Here To Buy This Book – UK
Click Here To Buy This Book – US

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Solar Wind 1: Reviewed by Silver Threading

Book Blogger and writer Colleen Chesebro from Silver Threading has reviewed "The Mystery of the Solar Wind". P'kaboo and the author thank her for a lovely and extensive review.

 Silver’s Book Reviews – “The Mystery of the Solar Wind,” by Lyz Russo


  • Title: The Mystery of the Solar Wind
  • Author: Lyz Russo
  • File Size: 1570 KB
  • Print Length: 430 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 062046593X
  • Publisher: P’kaboo Publishing (Owned by the author)
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0145T724I
  • Formats: Paperback and Kindle
  • Genres: Fiction, Romance, Futuristic Fiction, Mystery
*The author provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review which follows*

 In the year 2116 the Unicate, a conglomerate formed from all the governments in the world, have stopped the wars that ravaged the earth. Peace now reigns supreme – except on the oceans, where Captain Radomiur Lascek and his band of pirates sail upon his ship, the Solar Wind. This unruly band of misfits travel the high seas, seeking out outlaws and fugitives, all the while steering clear of the Unicate and their associates.

On a routine stop in Dublin, the Gypsy, Federi takes a chance and hires three teenage Irish musicians, “The Donegal Troubles:” Paean, her older brother Ronan, and her younger brother, Shawn to entertain the crew. The young trio had been searching for work and a safe place to hide from their past and the Unicate, who are hunting for them in connection with a mysterious death that still haunts Paean and her brothers.

Mystery and adventure surround the Donegal’s as they sail aboard the Solar Wind. When the Unicate gained power they outlawed all knowledge and culture that dated back more than thirty years. This is the war the pirates wage against the Unicate. Using current technology and the old ways of sailing, knowledge now forbidden, Captain Lascek and the crew capture and sell enemy craft to the rebellion.

However, all is not what it seems aboard the Solar Wind. The Unicate and bounty hunters are closing in on Captain Lascek and the crew. Time is running out! The only answer must be sabotage from within!


Do you love pirates? Young adult adventure and mysteries, too? How about if you throw in some gypsy magic and a romance or two? The Mystery of the Solar Wind is all that and then some.
The cast of characters is a motley crew with two things in common, their love of the sea and their hatred for the Unicate. Add in the young Donegal kids who knew nothing of living on the sea and you learn about life aboard the Solar Wind through their eyes. If you ever wondered what it was like to sail a ship, you will learn all there is to know within these pages.

I was intrigued with the in-depth personality of Paean, a real tom-boy who stuck me as a level-headed teenager faced with the difficulties of living under a corrupt world government. The choices she was faced with really made me think about the way our world is today and what our future might hold for all of us. The future presented within these pages might not be too far off in our future.

Although, for me the real stand out in the novel was Federi, the Gypsy chef, who bewitches you with his smooth talking ways and his undying loyalty to the captain and the crew. The Romany Federi carries dark secrets from his past that seem to surface at exactly the right time, moving the story along in exciting new paths.

There is a great deal of detail presented within the pages of this book. At times, I had to backtrack to make all the connections, even though I was always glad I did. Lyz Russo is a master story weaver and I was drawn into the community of pirates who seemed to be the real good guys in this futuristic world.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I have to know what happens next!
“The Mystery of the Solar Wind,” is Book 1 in the Solar Wind series. “The Assassin,” is Book 2, “Freedom Fighter,” is Book 3, and “Raider!” is Book 4, all part of the Solar Wind Series.

Character Believability: 4
Flow and Pace: 4
Reader Engagement: 4.5
Reader Enrichment: 4
Reader Enjoyment: 4.5
Overall Rate: 4.0

(Read more here:  http://silverthreading.com/2015/11/21/silvers-book-reviews-the-mystery-of-the-solar-wind-by-lyz-russo/)

Authors Listen Up: Get paid for short stories

Want to be paid cash for short stories?

Read below for this delightful opportunity.

GigaNotoSaurus accepts Science Fiction or Fantasy (or any combination thereof) from five thousand to twenty-five thousand words. We could wax eloquent describing the kinds of stories we like, but it wouldn’t be useful; there are dozens of things we don’t know we like until we try them.  Send us that story you really, really believe in–the one, maybe, that quickly ran out of places to submit it to because it’s so long.

We do want a variety of settings, styles, viewpoints, and backgrounds.  This includes but is not limited to cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders.

GigaNotoSaurus publishes one story a month. We pay $100 per story on acceptance."
(Excerpt from Submissions Guidelines, please read the full guidelines before submitting.)


Monday, September 21, 2015

In Her Own Words – Marie Marshall, Scottish Author and Poet

(Reblogged from Silver Threading on Wordpress)

In Her Own Words – Marie Marshall, Scottish Author & Poet

It’s P’kaboo Publishing
! Make sure to visit P’kaboo.net for all the fresh crispy reads!

 Author, Marie Marshall

I’m a middle-aged, Anglo-Scottish author, poet, and editor who likes her written works to speak for her. When asked for a bio I usually reply with a version of the famous telegram sent by the artist Balthus:


And that’ll have to do! ~ From her Amazon author page.

Marshall’s the name, writing’s the game. It really is as simple as that. I don’t talk much about myself – I’m a very private person – I let my writing speak for me. My basics are this: I’m middle-aged, Scottish (though born and brought up in England), and have been writing since 2004.

Ah – writing! Now you’re talking! How did it all begin? Let me see…

I’m confused. Maybe that’s something to do with growing old. I’m trying hard to remember whether it was a friend saying to me “You should write a novel about a female gladiator,” or saying “I have an idea for a short story for you to write,” or pointing me to a BBC writing competition, or my accidentally happening upon an on-line community of women writing love poetry, or my happening on a blog of erotic stories and reckoning I could write better…

Author, Marie Marshall. A photo from her Twitter page

Och, help ma boab, I cannae remember. It was one of those anyway…

Here in Scotland I’m best known for my macabre short stories. Since 2008 I have been amongst the winners of the ‘Fearie Tales’ competition (yes, that’s ‘fearie’ not ‘faerie’) at the Winter Words festival no fewer than six times – tales such as Chagrin where an old man remembers a demon lover, Vae Victis in which horror comes in the night to Rome’s northernmost outpost, The Place of Safety which blended love with magic and insanity, On the Platform set in a haunted railway station, Da Trow i’ da Waa in which old stones are possessed, and Voices in which a scientist sets up equipment on a mountaintop to measure ‘random voice phenomenon’. All these and more, by the way, will be published in a collection soon by Honeymead Books.

I really want to be known as a novelist. So far I have written four, three of which have been published. I’ve slightly painted myself into a corner there, because I have allowed the direction of my novel-writing to be… hmmm… not quite dictated by others but at the very least influenced.
That initial suggestion from a friend that I write a novel about a female gladiator – that developed into my first novel Lupa.

My second novel, The Everywhen Angels, came about when I dared to criticise the Harry Potter novels to a group of friends who were all dedicated fans. They said I would only have the right to make such criticism if I could myself write a fantasy set in a school. I took up that challenge, met it head on, and produced a stand-alone novel that I would say is every bit as good as any by my illustrious compatriot!

My third, From My Cold, Undead Hand was a direct response to my publisher’s request for a ‘teen-vampire’ novel, and my fourth, KWIREBOY vs VAMPIRE, is the sequel to that.

I am writing a fifth novel now, purely of my own devising, written in an unusual style, with a nod to twentieth-century modernism. I won’t give you any spoilers, but sometimes I feel, as I write it, that it’s actually a novel-length prose-poem…

I suppose I am best known, more widely, as a poet, either through my two published collections, Naked in the sea and I am not a fish, or more specifically through my regular blogging.

I try to write a fragment of poetry every day, and share it on line. Some fragments are better than others, of course, but the exercise itself sharpens my use of language and hones my power of expression.

I have also worked as a poetry editor. I started out, as I said, writing love poetry with a collection of other women. In the beginning I wrote what can loosely be described as ‘free verse’, but I soon began to develop a love of shape and structure, and taught myself to write formal poetry.

When that had given me a stiff boost of technical power, I returned to free verse, and to more experimental forms of writing. I tend now to present my on-line poems in a stark Courier font, as png or jpg images; this forces me to concentrate on the words rather than any fancy-dan mixed-media gizmos.

Really, however, I don’t construct any ‘Chinese walls’ between one sort of writing or writing-related activity and another. My poetry and my novels are one, my short stories and my articles are one, my authorship and my editorship are one.

What more do you need to know? Ask me and see what I say!


Facebook Marie Marshall – writer and poet
Twitter @MairibheagM









Thanks for popping in to meet Marie. If you love poetry, you will want to follow her blogs! ;-)

Silver Threading