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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Blue Between by Annemarie Luck

They say that some people can see the blue connections of light 

...between those who love each other. Mothers, fathers and their children; brothers, sisters, aunts; grandparents; and those who may not even have met yet in this life but have a connection that precedes being born; those who are meant to be together.

(Borrowed, with permission and not verbatim, from Linda Goodman.)

The Blue Between

by Annemarie Luck

A PLAYGROUND in Knysna, South Africa
A wooden swing. A Polaroid camera.

Andricia, heartbrokenEARTBROKEN on her eighteenth birthday.

Sebastian, an introverted twelve-year-old boy
from London who FALLS for her on sight — and
cannot forget her, even into adulthood.

For years he returns to the place of their meeting,
hoping to see her again.


This glorious love story, Debut Novel of Annemarie Luck, is sure to pull all the relevant heart strings.  With a tangled knot of intriguing backstories, and a beautiful honesty in the emotional interchange, it keeps the reader glued to the page. Will Andricia and Sebastian eventually be allowed to be together?

"The Blue Between" is one of a number of novels that are hot off the printing press in Durban.

Launch dates and online availability will be announced soon.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Split Decision goes on Smashwords

As part of our program towards convenience and ease of access, we now have a version of Split Decision available on Smashwords

Easy to download; beautifully clean ebook available in just about every imaginable format; and at only $4.95. For those of you who are really curious to peek into this fast-moving, emotion-packed book, there is a preview available.

Here is the link:



The Smashwords edition precedes a very exciting development - the launch of the first South African print of the book.

Go read and enjoy.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

GDPR and cookies (how ironic)

Dear Valued Visitors to P'kaboo and this blog.

Google wishes to alert you that they use cookies on this (and every other) blog.  P'kaboo wishes to alert you that these are Google's cookies, and that P'kaboo doesn't use any cookies of our own.

In the light of the new privacy laws of Europe, it is time to review our privacy policy - and discover that we have been compliant from the start.

This policy is also available on our "About" page.

Privacy Policy

P'kaboo does not mine personal data. (Notice? No cookies!) We only keep enough personal data on authors and customers to enable proper business functioning between us and them - no more, no less. We never did, and never will, sell your personal data to third parties. This has been our policy from the outset.

All your data that we have access to, you supply to us knowingly. There are no hidden agendas.

Your rights

1. You have a right to be "forgotten".

The Internet never forgets? The new EU privacy laws have put paid to that. You have a right (which you had with us always, anyway) to request all your data to be deleted from our records.

Alternatively, you can tell us which parts of your personal data we ought to delete.

2. You have a right to know where your data is kept and who has access.

If we have any data on you at all, it's kept on a secure computer; only our in-house team has access, and on a need-to-know basis only. If you didn't give us any, we don't have data on you.

3. You can limit our usage of your data.

But we don't do anything with your data anyway, other than complete the business transaction you requested.

4. To get any communication not directly relating to the topic at hand, you need to opt in.

We would like to send our authors communication on opportunities, and our readers information on launches, new releases etc - but now we need you to allow us to keep using your email address for this. So if you want to be kept informed, please send us an email with your permission.

5. Anonymity and pseudonymity

In dealing with us, you don't need the name on your birth register - just a "username", a pseudonym. We might need your real delivery address though, else your order might end up in Fairyland.

Monday, March 26, 2018

A glowing endorsement for Carmen Capuano's "Split Decision"

 When an author get endorsed by a broadcaster, that can only mean good news!

P'kaboo author Carmen Capuano has received another accolade for her riveting novel "Split Decision.  This time, from Jack Woodward, sports commentator and former Ashton Villa TV broadcaster.

Bookseeker Agency reports on this:

“Reading ‘Split Decision’ is the best decision you can make.”

Jack Woodward
Jack Woodward 200Recently broadcaster Jack Woodward came across a copy of Carmen Capuano‘s novel Split Decision. Here’s what he had to say about it.

I thought this was a compelling and enthralling read, from beginning to end. We’ve all had ‘sliding doors’ moments in our lives ( though not many with quite such dramatic consequences I hope! ), and the two parallel stories were superbly and sensitively told.

 Lots of surprises, twists and turns along the way and excellent use of language to convey the emotions, also covering a range of issues, from friendship to family, loyalty to jealousy.

 For the whole book to be based on a time period of less than 24 hours was a challenge but it worked well, written in such an intelligent way that flitting between the two narratives is in no way confusing for the reader, it actually helps build the suspense.

I’m one of those people who likes to read a couple of chapters a night but I just couldn’t put this one down and had to keep going right through to the nail biting finale. Riveting and remarkable, this author really knows how to get you right on the edge of your seat.

 In fact, reading Split Decision is the best decision you can make.

The book is available at this link:


P'kaboo South Africa is currently printing the book in paperback.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bookseeker Literary Agency

Our associates in Scotland, the Bookseeker Agency, never seem to pause from book-centred activities.


In their "Bookshelf", they present a handful of our favourite titles.


They also feature our favourite editor and by now, go-to person for the South African part of P'kaboo.


And in their updates, they tell what our favourite agent, Paul Thompson, has been up to.  A varied schedule!



Thank you Bookseeker for everything you are doing for us!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Carmen Capuano Author: Tamworth Literary Festival

carmen capuano author: Tamworth Literary Festival: I'm really looking forward to attending Tamworth Literary Festival on Saturday, 3rd March, and also on Tuesday, 6th March. Please check ...

Please follow the link to view the blog of our dynamic author Carmen Capuano.

Carmen is the author of "Split Decision", a riveting novel about first love, disillusionment and crime; as well as a series of novels called "The Owners", among other works. She has recently become quite a favourite among reviewers.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thank you, Colleen Chesebro, for the great review of "Raider"

And thank you, Bookseeker Agency, for reblogging it. 

"Raider" is the fourth volume in the Solar Wind series.

‘The Solar Wind IV’ finds a place in the heart.

Reviewer Colleen Chesebro recently had the following to say about the fourth in the Solar Wind series by Lyz Russo:solar-wind-iv
Volume Four brings the pirate assassin, Federi, and his wife, the lovely genetic engineer/musician, Paean, back together at long last. When these two are apart, the Solar Wind never rides smooth on the waves beneath its bow. Something is off, though, and Federi’s gypsy intuition is pushed into overdrive to figure out what is wrong.

Suddenly, a new threat surfaces when Dana, an alien from the planet New Dome, arrives aboard the ship with an agenda all her own. The hauntingly beautiful Dana disrupts the newfound relationship between the Captain and Perdita when it is revealed that she is Rushka’s mother. Perdita is stunned and watches, filled with fury, as the Captain succumbs once again to Dana’s evil charms. Meanwhile, Rushka, pregnant with her first child remembers the cruelty she suffered at the hands of her alien mother when she was a young child.

And, if that wasn’t enough drama, mutant creatures are menacing the crew, threatening their very lives. The beings can’t be destroyed, and they regenerate themselves from a single living cell. They multiply into the thousands with only one thing on their mind – to kill. When one of the creatures attacks Federi, the team battles for his and their lives looking for solutions to save the world from certain destruction.

Lyz Russo

Perdita is the key to protecting humankind from Dana’s malevolence. If they can save Federi, there is still hope…

I have been reading the Solar Wind Series for some time now, and I must say, I enjoyed Book IV, Raider, the best! The characters have long ago found a place in my heart. Once again, it is the relationship between Paean and Federi that steer the crew into new adventures. The addition of space travel and the ability to beam to any location in an instant added another layer of mystique to the plot.
Lyz Russo has created a science fiction series that continues to entertain and invite the reader into the world of the Solar Wind, and its crew. This futuristic pirate fantasy is one of my favorites!

Read more about Solar Wind IV here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Imminent release: 'Nix Romipen' by Lyz Russo (The Solar Wind series, Book 6)

This book is scheduled to be released on 1 November on Smashwords.

 For a preview, click here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/626032

Nix Romipen

Series: The Solar Wind By Lyz Russo
Romania. A place of harsh contrasts; dangerous and beautiful wilderness; a silent invisible people. This is where Federi was born; and this is where he takes Paean in their breakaway from the Solar Wind, their bid for freedom.

But Federi is hunting big game now. He is going after the Unicate, once and for all. The old gypsy curse of Falco is singing loudly in his blood, and he has to finish it. Whether it meets with Paean's approval or not. Too many have died; and despite Captain's politics, the Unicate still exerts its rule of terror in this remote, half-forgotten country.

As he goes after the Unicate, tracing the secret of the Hounds, something larger is tracing him, though. The trip of the Solar Wind into space has alerted some ancient forces. Federi and his best partner, Paean, trade places as he follows Captain back into space while she finds herself in the depths of a Unicate mound, with an unexpected ally, a Unicate "Other"...
For readers who loved the Solar Wind series, this sixth book closes off the first cycle.
We also would like to thank Roughseasinthemed, who has already posted a review of this book on Goodreads.

Here is her review:

Sep 13, 2016 Roughseasinthemed rated it "Really liked it" (4 stars)
This is another great read in the Solar Wind Series by Lyz Russo.

Although the sixth in the series, Russo manages to continue developing the original characters, introduces new ones, and adds unpredictable twists and turns to the plot.

Add to that, the location is always changing, on the earth, on the sea, in the air, in outer space. In Nix, Paean and Federi face their troubled pasts, visiting Paean's former home in the poor parts of Dublin, and Federi's homeland in Rumania and try to unravel further what the Unicate is up to as the pair realises their former neighbours' lives are at risk.

There is, as ever, plenty of tough action, and thoughtful, reflective moments, combined with some lively dialogue.

One aspect that stands out is, who are allies and who are enemies? Who can the crew trust when they meet new people, aliens, immortals, and 'Others'? But, the doubts and uncertainty just add to the suspense. I decided not to guess, just settled in to enjoy the read.

Russo continues to create a good story with every book and leaves us wanting to read more about the crew of the Solar Wind and their wonderful pirate captain Radomir Lascek. I'd join his ship!

nixromipen-front2To view this book, click here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/626032

sw-seriesFor the rest of the series, click here (first book is free). https://www.smashwords.com/books/byseries/24238

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Reviews: "From My Cold Undead Hand" (Marie Marshall) and "The Family Pool" (Lyz Russo)

Two more of our books have recently been reviewed:

Roughseasinthemed's Reviews >

From My Cold, Undead Hand

From My Cold, Undead Hand by Marie Marshall
From My Cold, Undead Hand byMarie Marshall
Roughseasinthemed's review
Aug 31, 2016

really liked it
I will confess, I was not impressed with the start of this book. Too busy, rushed, and my head was swirling with the action. What's the classic advice? Slow down on the action, speed up the slow parts.

But, when our vampire-hunting heroine, Chevonne, starts to includes extracts from the chronicles of a nineteenth century vampire hunter, the story improves no end.

Chevonne's character is well-drawn and so is the character of her predecessor, Anna Lund, the supposed author of the chronicles. While we don't get so much insight into the other secondary characters, some of them play a pivotal and dramatic role in the plot, affecting Chevonne's future in the vampire-hunting Resistance.

The setting is futuristic, ie some time further on in the 21st century than the present day, so vampire-hunting has moved on somewhat from just wooden stakes and garlic, and the Resistance members have fancy weapons. Even the vampires use guns too.

What makes the book interesting, the deeper you get into it, are the unexpected twists to the plot, and the build-up to the climax. I was totally taken by surprise. From a book that starts with a Buffy-type clone, kicking and killing vampires in high school, the story takes a totally different turn.

It was well worth sticking with past the first couple of chapters. And, a pretty rare occurrence, I started off thinking I'd struggle to give it three stars, and ended up thinking it easily merited four. It's imaginative, unpredictable, well written, with some nice contrasts and similarities between the past and the present vampire hunters.

Chevonne isn't perfect, and makes some prize mistakes. Through her perspective we come to realise that the whole vampire issue is much bigger, more organised and far more dangerous than it originally appeared to be.

The ending? Nicely contrived, and like Chevonne thought, the last significant kill (dock) seemed too easy. But at least it gives the author an opportunity for a sequel. It did however, tie the story up neatly without leaving the reader hanging over the cliff.

 A vampire story with an interesting kick. It's a short book, with few typos, and recommended to anyone who likes vampire tales.


The Family Pool

by Lyz Russo Fiction - Short Story 29 Pages Reviewed on 08/29/2016

Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

Mary Jenkinson’s marriage to John Adams was more than she bargained for. The Family Pool by Lyz Russo is an excellent short story of family drama, mystery, and intrigue. Mary found out that once you married into the Adams family, all that glittered was not gold. Even though John appeared to be the man of her dreams, his family legacy held a deep dark secret. On the outside the family possessed wealth, but on the inside there were rules and regulations that all family members obeyed in order to maintain their lifestyles. The family ruler and patriarch, Uncle Daniel, called all the shots in the family, from where the members would live to that of the in-laws. Mary reveals to the family, by mistake, that she's pregnant and begins to wonder upon this announcement what all the whispers and disdain are about. What Mary did not realize is that by her being pregnant she was violating the family's laws of order.

I enjoyed reading The Family Pool by Lyz Russo because not only was it a great story, but Lyz was able to deliver the story, plot, and ending all within this short read. If Alfred Hitchcock was alive, I believe that The Family Pool by Lyz Russo would be one of the stories that he would chose for his mini movie series collections. If you do not like the original ending, Lyz has offered an alternative ending that you may enjoy. I personally liked the original ending because it added an element of suspense to the story. However, the alternative ending can be used as a sequel. If you like family drama, mystery, and suspense tales, get a copy of The Family Pool by Lyz Russo. I am sure that you will enjoy it.

  Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"The Mystery of the Solar Wind" and "The Assassin" (by Lyz Russo), Reviewed!

Thank you to Roughseasinthemed for these two great reviews on Goodreads, of the "Solar Wind" series by Lyz Russo:

Roughseasinthemed's Reviews 

The Mystery of the Solar Wind

The Mystery of the Solar Wind by Lyz Russo
The Mystery of the Solar Wind by Lyz Russo (Goodreads Author)
Roughseasinthemed's review
Aug 27, 2016
really liked it
I really enjoyed this imaginative, creative, futuristic pirate story. But it's so much more than just a pirate story: dark governmental controlling forces, relationships, genetics, and a total sense of adventure. Russo's characters are great and totally credible. I was surprised how long it was, and there were very few errors for such a long book, so I just dove right in and enjoyed the ride, or, sail.

Buy book from Amazon (paperback)
Download from Smashwords

Roughseasinthemed's Reviews 

The Assassin

The Assassin by Lyz Russo
The Assassin (Solar Wind #2) byLyz Russo(Goodreads Author)
Roughseasinthemed's review
Aug 27, 2016
really liked it
This was a fantastic sequel to The Mystery of the Solar Wind. Action-packed may be a cliché but this book was full of action, emotion and nail-biting moments. Loved it from start to finish. Our favourite characters develop more, and happy endings for good people don't always win out so there is gritty realism.

Why not five stars? Well, if you are going to write in Spanish, it's a good idea to get it right. There were errors. And, there was some repetitive phrasing that should have been tightened up. And some silly little proofing errors. Understandable in a long book. Also, I got lost with the assassination targets. The numbers seemed to change. What happened to the ones in Hong Kong? Otherwise, it was a top notch read, recommended.

Buy book from Amazon
Buy from Smashwords