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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bookseeker Agency and Letterpress Cafe

Our partner in UK, Bookseeker Agency

A highly creative literary agency who visits lots of book events in Scotland.  Bookseeker is the agent through whom we acquired "Lupa" and "Naked in the Sea" by Marie Marshall; apart from which, he represents our books overseas and facilitates them being channelled into libraries, book stores, reading corners and events.  
Bookseeker and P'kaboo have in common that we both aim to launch new authors and bring new books to the reader.

Letterpress Cafe

This is a young establishment that prints very beautiful things on a genuine old letterpress machine.  The machine has been revived, partially by the inclusion of custom-created parts where spares were not available.  It works like a dream.
The owner, Bernhard "Irthling", is a highly successful graphic designer (and one of our book cover designers).  In conventional printing, often things take a wrong turn between the designer and the printer.  Not so at Letterpress Cafe, where the designer also takes care of the printing, to give his client exactly what is needed.

We wish Letterpress Cafe all the best success and will be making use of them!

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