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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Two Authors, Reviewed

Two of our P'kaboo authors have received beautiful reviews very recently:  

Forest Circle Quest – Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

  Book image dscf0843.jpg

  What they say:
 ‘Plump and pathetic “twins” Patsy and Percival Parker-Pyle are drawn quite by accident into a magical adventure. Talking snakes, water monsters, harpies and a tiger-dragon are just some of the amazing creatures that cross their path as they try to discover what it is they are supposed to be doing. Eventually, solving their quest, they find something entirely new to them: Friends. A heartwarming story with many giggles.’

  What we say – review by Nikki Mason:
 Forest Circle Quest is a classic adventure tale that ticks all the boxes: magical talking creatures, wizards, dragons, knights, goddesses and, of course, a battle between good and evil. And throw in a lisping snake, a rhyming cat and a Dotty villain and you know you’re onto something exciting. There are some unforgettable characters in this book. I loved the terribly  [...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

Almost Dead in Suburbia – Douglas Pearce



What they say:
‘In the sleepy village of Wiggleswood there are ghosts. After a car accident involving two neighbours, Ralph and Fred, both await their turn to cross over to the other side. But only one is really dead. The other was merely… in a bit of a hurry. In the confusion, the metaphorical gate is slammed in both their faces. However, when Ralph goes ‘back’, he finds his body already has a new occupant; his dead neighbour, Fred. Yet nothing is quite what it seems. And some people are not who they claim. Now there’s a company to save, a mystery to solve and in two weeks somebody is going to die. If Ralph doesn’t get his body back, it might well be him…’ 

  What we say – review by Nikki Mason:
I wasn’t at all sure about Almost Dead in Suburbia when I first started it. In fact, for the first few pages, I was confused. But when the story got going, I got the hang and I absolutely loved it. In fact, I completely whizzed through it while snorting with laughter to myself in a most unladylike manner. It was just a joy to find a book that [...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE] 

So there you have it, enjoy!

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