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Sunday, May 27, 2018

GDPR and cookies (how ironic)

Dear Valued Visitors to P'kaboo and this blog.

Google wishes to alert you that they use cookies on this (and every other) blog.  P'kaboo wishes to alert you that these are Google's cookies, and that P'kaboo doesn't use any cookies of our own.

In the light of the new privacy laws of Europe, it is time to review our privacy policy - and discover that we have been compliant from the start.

This policy is also available on our "About" page.

Privacy Policy

P'kaboo does not mine personal data. (Notice? No cookies!) We only keep enough personal data on authors and customers to enable proper business functioning between us and them - no more, no less. We never did, and never will, sell your personal data to third parties. This has been our policy from the outset.

All your data that we have access to, you supply to us knowingly. There are no hidden agendas.

Your rights

1. You have a right to be "forgotten".

The Internet never forgets? The new EU privacy laws have put paid to that. You have a right (which you had with us always, anyway) to request all your data to be deleted from our records.

Alternatively, you can tell us which parts of your personal data we ought to delete.

2. You have a right to know where your data is kept and who has access.

If we have any data on you at all, it's kept on a secure computer; only our in-house team has access, and on a need-to-know basis only. If you didn't give us any, we don't have data on you.

3. You can limit our usage of your data.

But we don't do anything with your data anyway, other than complete the business transaction you requested.

4. To get any communication not directly relating to the topic at hand, you need to opt in.

We would like to send our authors communication on opportunities, and our readers information on launches, new releases etc - but now we need you to allow us to keep using your email address for this. So if you want to be kept informed, please send us an email with your permission.

5. Anonymity and pseudonymity

In dealing with us, you don't need the name on your birth register - just a "username", a pseudonym. We might need your real delivery address though, else your order might end up in Fairyland.

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