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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Look for the Bookshop


Our bookshop has received a new, trimmer look.  Another upgrade is that each book now has its own page.  The page includes reviews and comments from readers, as well as a blurb and a link to a preview (in most cases), and where applicable, links to the other sequels in a series.

This was an important upgrade as our bookshop is growing and the page was growing beyond reasonable proportions.  This way, too, one can "like" and "twitter" each book specifically.

Invitations to our authors:  Do encourage your friends, and Facebook and Twitter audience, to visit the site and preview your book.  You know how to email a url...  :)

You will also find a number of CDs in the CD shop; probably more than you expected to see there.  This is mainly thanks to our prolific composer of neo-classical music, Leslie Hyla Winton Noble.  You will also see the CD by Iain Rossouw, dealing with environmental "eish-shoes".

Have fun!

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