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Monday, January 2, 2012

Projects, projects

"Regina" has a preview!!  You'll like this one.
Welcome to 2012.

We are currently chiselling away at the website, working on giving every book its very own page.  This is going to facilitate site navigation quite a bit and it also means that you can zoom in on one specific title, if that is what you are looking at.  The bookshop is becoming more compact - a must with more titles being added.

We have a number of projects in the pipeline, some of which are announced on "Coming Soon" and some which are not.

I tried to paste some of the new layout for the book pages in here but Blogger doesn't seem to handle the formatting too well, so instead I'll delight you with a few pictures to click on.  And some that are not clickable.

Book launch in Durban, June 2011

Leslie Hyla Winton Noble with his novels, Tabika 1 and 2

Iain Moncrieff Rossouw with "A Tensional Guitarist"

Not Another Scale Book! 
Our youngest, and yet our oldest.
Now available.
Douglas Pearce signing books - read more here

Free Downloads - from naughty to spooky

Previews - all shapes and sizes

Why do I always feel as though I'm trespassing when I paste this coffee?
  I took the picture myself! 

 (Perhaps I should have asked the coffee permission?)

Now go forth and enjoy yourselves!


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