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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

December 20, Launch of Lupa, Forest Circle Quest and Freedom Fighter at Glenstantia Library

Lovely daylilies brought by the librarian for the authors :)

Glenstantia is a spacious, modern library.  The atmosphere is beautiful; calm, organized. Foreground:  P'kaboo's books- with the 3 launch titles taking centre stage.

Small but bespoke audience.  Foreground:  The Library User Group leadership of the library.  Background:  Lovely guests, supporters, fans...  standing up: The Head Librarian Therese; yours truly; and avid young reader Robin.
The launch titles from another angle

Forest Circle Quest.  Note the sherry glass...

Speaking about each of the titles.  Note the laptops on the table.  Both distant authors were in the room via technology; Leslie Hyla Winton Noble by Skype video - though the storm in Pretoria as well as the storm in Durban messed with the reception and he often looked like something by Van Gogh.  Marie Marshall was present on Skype Chat.