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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Blue Between by Annemarie Luck

They say that some people can see the blue connections of light 

...between those who love each other. Mothers, fathers and their children; brothers, sisters, aunts; grandparents; and those who may not even have met yet in this life but have a connection that precedes being born; those who are meant to be together.

(Borrowed, with permission and not verbatim, from Linda Goodman.)

The Blue Between

by Annemarie Luck

A PLAYGROUND in Knysna, South Africa
A wooden swing. A Polaroid camera.

Andricia, heartbrokenEARTBROKEN on her eighteenth birthday.

Sebastian, an introverted twelve-year-old boy
from London who FALLS for her on sight — and
cannot forget her, even into adulthood.

For years he returns to the place of their meeting,
hoping to see her again.


This glorious love story, Debut Novel of Annemarie Luck, is sure to pull all the relevant heart strings.  With a tangled knot of intriguing backstories, and a beautiful honesty in the emotional interchange, it keeps the reader glued to the page. Will Andricia and Sebastian eventually be allowed to be together?

"The Blue Between" is one of a number of novels that are hot off the printing press in Durban.

Launch dates and online availability will be announced soon.