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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still looking for Free Shortstories

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There are still quite a number of people who try to link directly to the short-stories that were on display on our Freestuff page, last year.

The stories have been collected into the album, "Mercury Silver".  The stories that remain on Freestuff, are stories that are displayed elsewhere for free and have been on Freestuff long before the project of Mercury Silver.

If you are an author, you are welcome to submit shortstories or other items specifically for inclusion on our Freestuff page; however the stories in Mercury Silver were submitted for publication, and only displayed for free for a limited time period to raise reader interest.

If someone directed you to a short-story that is no longer on Freestuff, consider supporting its author by buying a copy of the ebook "Mercury Silver".  It is really not expensive, and you'll get your full enjoyment value out of these stories.

We'll do it again:

We are planning to run another such project, perhaps for something else than short-stories, later this year or perhaps early in 2014. Watch this space. ;)