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Friday, December 30, 2011


Thanks to P'Kaboo for inviting me to pop words and stuff here on occasion.  This is to make sure I've succeeded in getting all signed in and sofifth, and to check that what I post will duly be delivered.  This may happen, of course, in true SA style, with the stamps steamed off for re-use, and contents of any value removed lest they fall into the hands of the intended recipients - which would never do. 

I am fur vent lee hoe ping that 2012 may finally see the serving of Forest Circle Quest, which has kept having to be stuck back into the oven because it wasn't cooked for long enough or the heat was on the wrong temperature or something.  The crusts eventually came out perfectly, but the fillings stayed all soggy. Therefore the crusts have been kept aside, all ready for putting outside the inside when we dee side it is done (he sighed).

Before subjecting it to more cooking, I stuck in a few extra herbs and spices here and there which I am sure will improve the flavour. 

P'kaboo News December 2011


Please do visit www.pkaboo.net/news.html for our summary of 2011 and some news.

I tried to paste the news update into the blog but it doesn't render nicely.

All the best for 2012!  :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free ebook, shortstories, etc...

Click here to find a free ebook, a number of shortstories, a free game...

Why?  Because we like to spoil our readers a bit.  Enjoy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alan Solomon Scales Book Now Available

(*champagne and fireworks!*)

The popular South African scales method published by Alan Solomon in 1983 is available again:

The scale book is currently available directly from P'kaboo; it will be appearing in South African music shops over the next few weeks.  

P'kaboo does send books to wherever you are in the world; the type and cost of shipping must either be selected from the orders form, or, if paying by Paypal, be discussed separately by email.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Launch of "Almost Dead in Suburbia", by humorist Douglas Pearce

The Grey Owl, looking rather surprised that people found the place! 

Grey Owl Centre lies about halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, which ought to mean that everyone should find it easily.  Furthermore it lies just off the two major main roads intersecting...  

The Cat, staring into the 4th dimension.

Almost Dead in Suburbia - a fast, fun read, was launched on Saturday the 20th of August, in Ebooks Etc, at the Grey Owl Centre, Midrand.

The book was described by one reader as "dark humour", leaning towards the macabre.  If you enjoyed reading Roald Dahl, you will also love Douglas Pearce's offbeat style of humour.

The Author, Douglas Pearce. 

Douglas Pearce, who wields a "wooden spoon" on a very tongue-in-cheek blog, chatting to some readers.  As these ladies are finding out, talking to Douglas is like being on a live cabaret show.  

Deep in shop talk with P'kaboo's manager Iain
Currently discussing the artistic layout of the bookmarks and books. 

Quiet please... author trying to write his name...

...and the Owl again...

The Owl...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Debut Novel Launch: Saturday 20 August

Launch of a debut novel: 

Almost Dead in Suburbia

This delightful, fast-paced novel by Douglas Pearce will be launched in
Grey Owl Centre, Midrand,
c/o Brakfontein & Erasmus Road,
(View Map!)

on the
20th of August (Saturday) at
11h a.m. at
Ebooks Etc.
All welcome! Come and meet the author, get your copy signed and get a dosage of Douglas Pearce's infallible sense of humour. There will also be coffee / tea and some refreshments.

Also have a look at this blog to stay updated.

Douglas Pearce
Douglas Pearce

likes exploring the absurd or unlikely in his stories and mining it fully for its inherent humour. Nevertheless his characters are close to life, with real-people issues... you may recognize yourself in there, or perhaps people you know.

'Sorry,' Ralph apologized. 'Coming to terms with being almost dead is not that easy.'

Wiggleswood, a quiet English town so small that if you blink, you'll miss it, has probably never seen so much excitement before. Ghosts, almost-ghosts and ghostly cats haunt the place. And Bill Williams of the police is not too far-off when he suspects a crime, but it is not what he thinks... To solve the case, he has to apply the mysterious principle of Wiglob.

Yes, Wiglob.
Don't ask me; read the book!
(Click here for a peek into the book.)

Almost Dead in Suburbia
now available!

The comical ghost-mystery novel "Almost Dead in Suburbia by Douglas Pearce is now available from P'kaboo and selected bookshops.
To obtain a special, author-signed copy, you will need to contact the author directly or come to the launch!
All welcome!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Launch : Almost Dead in Suburbia - 20 August

This delightful ghost story with a humorous slant will be launched by P'kaboo Publishers together with Ebooks Etc, in Grey Owl Mall, Midrand.

Date:  20 August 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 11h a.m.

SHOP 23 Grey Owl Village
Brakfontein rd
Louwlardia, Midstream


11h:     Arrival of guests; help yourselves to coffee / tea and refreshments
11h15: Welcome, introduction of P'kaboo and Douglas Pearce
              Reading of excerpts from the novel 
              Book signings, chat to the author               

All welcome!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated P'kaboo's birthday with us.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome again!!

What's the idea? Yet another blog...

The beauty of this blog is that I can add authors.

We want you to have fun.  

Not so much fun that you forget to read the books of course!

But enough fun.

We can hold poetic competitions, friendly short-story skirmishes etc. Or we can just relax and add nothing.

No pressure.

Let me know if you'd like to post something.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome to the P'kaboo Blog

Our Music Books:

 (A Tensional Guitarist and Violin Tunes available; Not Another Scale Book! coming soon.)

 The Solar Wind series (and growing) by Lyz Russo: 

(The Mystery of the Solar Wind and The Assassin available now; Freedom Fighter due in October; Raider! planned for next year.)

Douglas Pearce, comedian without a horse:

Leslie Hyla Winton Noble, young fantasy:

Stay in tune with us on www.pkaboo.net/news.html