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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Brand new title at P’kaboo: WISP - by Elizabeth Mostyn


WISP - by Elizabeth Mostyn

WISP – a novel by Elizabeth Mostyn

The story of a half-retired, half-focused nutty professor, who has hallucinations and dreams, but stumbles across something that is too real to be either –

Ben’s trouble is that because of his general brain fog, people don’t quite take him seriously. However, with patience he manages to convince a few good friends to help him solve that mystery, and the much younger, sharper people begin to realize that they are up against what might be a horrific crime.

Brilliantly conceptualized, Mostyn puts the story together puzzle piece by puzzle piece. The most intriguing is the puzzle of Ben himself – what exactly happened to his Wisp?

Available now at P’kaboo Publishers.