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Thursday, October 4, 2018

A lovely review for "The Morrigan" (author: Lyz Russo), by Colleen Chesebro, Fairy Whisperer

Thank you Colleen, for this wonderful review on Goodreads.

Reviewer Colleen Chesebro
In book five, "The Morrigan," the entire crew of the Solar Wind is back, along with some new and fascinating space entities. Dana, an alien from the planet New Dome, remains aboard the ship flaunting her agenda with Captain Radomir Lascek. Little has changed in that department and Perdita remains the key to protecting humankind from Dana’s malevolence.

But that's only the beginning of this saga. Hang on... the Solar Wind is in danger and it's up to the pirate assassin, Federi, and his wife, the lovely genetic engineer/musician, Paean, to save the day.

As the Solar Wind undertakes another trip into space there are rumors of a hidden treasure that beckons to the captain and the crew.  Dana, Empress of New Dome leads the expedition into deep space. The problem is, she's not exactly an ally and secretly wants the treasure for herself.

It doesn't take long for the crew to figure out there are some strange things going on inside the ship. Peculiar visitors have boarded the ship causing havoc with the crew. To make matters worse, the space crawlers seem to be multiplying. Some of the aliens take to impersonating the crew and when Paean wakes up one morning to spot Federi's old girlfriend in his arms, she's had it! You can be sure the fireworks between Federi and Paean will be explosive.

Then, there's the problem with the Solar Wind. The ship appears to have become sentient and personally involves itself with the evil entity, "The Morrigan," leading the crew into further danger.

There were many twists and turns in this story and the end totally surprised me. The writing and the dialog are crisp and engaging. I have enjoyed this series from the very beginning and "The Morrigan," tops my list for fun speculative fiction. There is something here for everyone. If you love science fiction, romance, fantasy, mysteries, and high octane action, you have found your next series to read. Did I mention pirates?

Keeping a series fresh and interesting illustrates the writing expertise of the author. Lyz Russo has woven an entertaining futuristic tale around the two characters that propel the story forward, Federi and Paean. There's an age difference here, and I can't wait to see if these two have what it takes to stay married. Only time will tell.

The author gifted me a copy of this book. I enjoyed it so much, I had to review it.

Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Stars

The Morrigan is the fifth book in the Solar Wind series.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Immy and other stories

Focus on Children's Books:

While we are setting up shop here in Ireland, we are placing additional focus on children's stories.

Delightfully, Immy and the Dragon by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble and Amanda Fieldgate, has just been reformatted and proof copies are on hand.

Immy was originally a multimedia creation (and still is, but this is for now on hold).

She is now available in paperback, soft booklets, or in a collective.

A good close-up look at our Pink Wish Ice Cream, by Andrea Kaczmarek and Eva Kuenzel, reveals that the booklet is great! 

More of our children's books include Tabika 1 and 2 and the entire Magic Circle Saga series by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble.

Many of these books are being overhauled with newer covers, and there are further children's books in the pipeline.  We can't say too much yet.

... Watch this space for surprises!