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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Thunderclap for "Pink Wish Ice Cream" too

A Thunderclap for ‘Polly Pink Witch’

Pink Wish Ice Cream, a lovely children’s book by Andrea Kaczmarek, illustrated by Eva Kuenzel, is due for launch soon, and we are promoting it with another Thunderclap. Please click here and join in – we need 100 people, again, to make this promotional tool effective.
pink-wish-catPink Wish Ice Cream deals with a sweet, rounded, good-natured Polly Pink Witch teaching some brats to be nice.  It is a classic kiddies book with classic morals, the type your mum, grand-mother and aunt would have instilled in you.  It’s really simple:  Say “please” and “thank you”, and your wish will be granted; be rude and obnoxious and you forfeit your wish.  This even applies if you’re a mommy trying to bend the rules a little for the sake of your kid…  I’m curious which lessons the other witches will be instilling in potential sequels.

Here are the two links again with which you can help boost the publicity of your favourite authors:

Carmen Capuano:  Split Decision


Andrea Kaczmarek:  Pink Wish Ice Cream


 Thank you to Bookseeker Agency for the blog post; thank you to all our supporters who love to see new books come into being.  We so appreciate you taking part in the process by lending your social media support.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thunderclap for the launch of Carmen Capuano's "Split Decision"

We invite all readers and friends of P'kaboo to join us in making this publicity wave something special for our author Carmen Capuano.

Carmen Capuano's Thunderclap for the launch of Split Decision

Here is how you can help:

Click on the image or caption to go to the Thunderclap.  Read the details, then decide if you would like to lend your support for her publicity.

Thunderclap gives you three options in which to support: Via Facebook, Twitter or tumblr.  Select the social medium (or media, if you wish to use more than one) that you are prepared to "lend" to the cause.  Then authorize Thunderclap to use that app.

The result:  On the 4th of July, at 12h EDT, Thunderclap will post a single copy of the post as you see it, onto your social medium - once.  E.g. if you selected Facebook, the post will appear on your timeline, once.

Thunderclap gives you the choice of opting out, right to the last moment; also, the site promises that this is all they will post on your timeline, no spam, no ads, nothing unsolicited. 

Read more about the book here.

Love to read?

Remember, without readers, authors don't have a reason to write.  You are our stories' life blood.  By boosting and attending a launch, by reading a book and by giving a comment, you are making an author's day.  By supporting new authors and fresh voices, you are creating the platform for new stories to come to life.

We at P'kaboo thank you for your participation from the bottom of our hearts.

Join the P'kaboo Book Club, where new books and new authors are launched and celebrated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

P'kaboo Author Carmen Capuano moves into journalism

Our author Carmen Capuano, who wrote the soon-to-be-released YA crime fiction novel, "Split Decision", has exciting news which she shares with us in the following press release:

Press Release – Copy Editor

This summer is set to be a busy period for Bromsgrove author Carmen Capuano. Not only has she got the release of her latest book, Split Decisions to look forward to, but she has been head-hunted by the prestigious and highly popular GEM magazine to be its Copy Editor and columnist.
“I am delighted to be involved with this informative and inspirational magazine. I have always read GEM with great interest and it’s wonderful to think that I will be a part of it now.”
GEM magazine is part of GEM Media which has events management at its heart, making it best placed to know exactly what is going on in and around the city.
Said a spokesperson for the group, on the appointment, “We are so pleased to be welcoming Carmen onto our team. We feel that she has an often quirky and unique take on life and are sure that she will entertain our readers in her own inimitable style.”
Ms Capuano will be taking over her duties in the July issue and is set to provide insights into her creative writing process and to her daily life in the column.  

 To find out more about GEM and how you can subscribe, contact 0121 422 2249 http://www.gemmedia.co.uk

Carmen's book "Split Decision", dealing with a young girl facing an apparently arbitrary choice that turns into a life-changing decision, is awaiting its cover art.  The publication date is provisionally set for 4th July for the ebook.

View Carmen Capuano's profile on P'kaboo here:

Carmen at a book signing of her series, "The Owners"