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Monday, August 22, 2011

Launch of "Almost Dead in Suburbia", by humorist Douglas Pearce

The Grey Owl, looking rather surprised that people found the place! 

Grey Owl Centre lies about halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, which ought to mean that everyone should find it easily.  Furthermore it lies just off the two major main roads intersecting...  

The Cat, staring into the 4th dimension.

Almost Dead in Suburbia - a fast, fun read, was launched on Saturday the 20th of August, in Ebooks Etc, at the Grey Owl Centre, Midrand.

The book was described by one reader as "dark humour", leaning towards the macabre.  If you enjoyed reading Roald Dahl, you will also love Douglas Pearce's offbeat style of humour.

The Author, Douglas Pearce. 

Douglas Pearce, who wields a "wooden spoon" on a very tongue-in-cheek blog, chatting to some readers.  As these ladies are finding out, talking to Douglas is like being on a live cabaret show.  

Deep in shop talk with P'kaboo's manager Iain
Currently discussing the artistic layout of the bookmarks and books. 

Quiet please... author trying to write his name...

...and the Owl again...

The Owl...


  1. Looks great! Pity Pretoria is a bit far from England ...

  2. It is :-(
    We're looking at how to stage a cyber-launch. ;-)