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Friday, December 30, 2011


Thanks to P'Kaboo for inviting me to pop words and stuff here on occasion.  This is to make sure I've succeeded in getting all signed in and sofifth, and to check that what I post will duly be delivered.  This may happen, of course, in true SA style, with the stamps steamed off for re-use, and contents of any value removed lest they fall into the hands of the intended recipients - which would never do. 

I am fur vent lee hoe ping that 2012 may finally see the serving of Forest Circle Quest, which has kept having to be stuck back into the oven because it wasn't cooked for long enough or the heat was on the wrong temperature or something.  The crusts eventually came out perfectly, but the fillings stayed all soggy. Therefore the crusts have been kept aside, all ready for putting outside the inside when we dee side it is done (he sighed).

Before subjecting it to more cooking, I stuck in a few extra herbs and spices here and there which I am sure will improve the flavour. 

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  1. :-) Hi Les! Welcome and thanks for your contributory post!