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Friday, April 6, 2012

Viral problems sorted and prospects

Sudden viral statistics and unexpected visitors (looking for car parts):
April's statistics show that our visitors from Russia have taken their traffic away with them.  People visiting P'kaboo are once again our refined book crowd who have the good sense to browse our reads, place occasional orders for friends, fam and (in the case of music books) business, and download our free reads for their entertainment.

Not Another Scale Book!

Our violin expert Prof Solomon's scale book is available in some Pretoria music shops; but if you are a violin teacher intending to place a multiple order for your studio, feel free to approach P'kaboo for a teacher's discount.  There is no guarantee that this will last so place your order soon.

Violin Tunes, our local beginners' book, is enjoying wider distribution now by being available in music shops across all of South Africa as well as CNA.  If your local branch does not carry it, feel free to ask them to order it from another branch.

Pre-launch copies on sneak request (be prepared to organize your own autograph or come to the launch):

Forest Circle Quest (by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble) is READY FOR PRINT!  A delightful read, whether you are a busy working person who would like to escape into a world of fantasy, magic and music for a few good hours, or a youngster who loves reading about young heroes.  A lot of giggles and a few loud belly-laughs.  Kids and teenagers have rated it "the coolest".

To request or book a sneak prelaunch copy, email us (details on our contact page) or contact the author. 

Watch this space for updates on soon-to-be-launched novels.

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