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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coming soon to our 'Coming Soon': Immy and the Dragon

Immy and the Dragon

From our prolific children's lit author Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

Immy is lonely and bored, and goes for a walk in the woods. There she meets a dragon who wants to cook and eat her.  She has other ideas though.
Then some really nasty goblins also fancy a 'little girl takeaway'.  
She should have stayed at home...

What readers say:
Wonderful story! Looking forward to the next episode.’
'Trust a child to find the loophole in something. I feel like
a kid when I read it.’ 
Such a satisfying ending to a lovely tale. Nicely done.’
I want a dragon!!! I do, I do!!! Love these ...’

The "Immy" series is aimed at preschoolers and early readers.  The series explores how a sassy little girl who isn't afraid of anything, deals with a huge dragon and various other threats.  Illustrations done by Amanda Fieldgate.

Leslie Hyla Winton Noble has two series of books out aimed at young readers:  The "Tabika" series is enjoyable for all from reading age 7 (but the quirky sense of humour is still good even for adults); and the Magic Circle fantasy series targets readers from reading age 10+, once again being funny enough and having enough deep themes to satisfy adult readers. 

Immy has been written with great love for his own granddaughter, and other children of her age group.

Immy stories are designed to let excitement carry preschoolers and early readers through to building a feel for creative language.

Vocabularies are extended in a fun way by including more advanced words here and there in contexts where they are readily understood – and adopted.

Also, words and illustrations are carefully blended towards stimulating young imaginations.

Versions of the books with CD/DVD provide a useful introduction to music on ‘classical’ lines through the orchestrated themes composed for each character or set of characters.

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