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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Short Story Project and other Submissions

P'kaboo is inviting submissions.

If you have a short story ready, or want to submit something longer, please feel free.

Our short story project is still running:  At first we were only going to leave the stories up in "Freestuff" for a month (to gain a bit of readership for them) but have now extended this to December, by which point the project will close and the stories will be published, first as ebook, and depending on popularity, as a paperback.

This means you still have a month to submit a short story.  If you would like to influence us concerning which stories are included in the final collection, please contact us on info@pkaboo.net and voice your opinion.

Other submissions:

Be aware that your book, if accepted, will undergo the process of editing, layout, and all that goes with publishing.  Also be aware that it will first only be made available as ebook and online.  Popularity will determine if a South African paperback is produced.

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