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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glenstantia Library and Literacy Month

Glenstantia Library, who hosted our launch in December, contacted me to see if we can't do something together for Literacy Month.  They are launching a new author and it was suggested I join forces and bring our books.  I'm off to discuss with them this morning.

This is like an answered prayer.  I can use every bit of logistic and practical help I can get, with promotions.
As I was picking up kids from school yesterday I noticed a headline, along the lines that "South Africa barely reads any books".  I had to smile.  It's no amazing new revelation; but the timing is great.  Someone is creating awareness for books.  This falls right into the time frame for our Facebook contest, our Teen writing contest and our ebooks schools giveaway.

December 20, Launch of Lupa, Forest Circle Quest and Freedom Fighter at Glenstantia Library
A spacious, modern library - and so is their attitude.  (Img from launch in December)

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