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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Round 2 of the Share Contest: Downloads andReviews

With the 1st of October, Round 1 of the Facebook Share contest has closed and Round 2 opened.
Now there are 4 books available for a limited number of free downloads:
The Mystery of the Solar Windhttp://www.pkaboo.net/bookshop.html#solarwind
The Mystery of the Solar Wind by Lyz Russo
Almost Dead in Suburbiahttp://www.pkaboo.net/bookshop.html#almostdead
Almost Dead in Suburbia by Douglas Pearce
Tabika by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble
In the second round, you can win a P'kaboo paperback (any one of your choice) by submitting a review of a book from the 4 that you have read.  The paperback doesn't have to be the same as the book you reviewed or even downloaded.  Write a good review or bad - the 3 winners are determined by lucky draw.  Certain standards will be applied though - reviews must not be shorter than a paragraph to qualify, and pls no sms lngage.

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