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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Facebook Favours Contest

In August we announced a contest on Facebook.  All of our authors entered; some with more than one novel.

The first round entailed "liking" and "sharing" the novels on Facebook and Twitter.

A certain minimum threshold of shares and likes had to be achieved for the novels to make it through to Round 2.  Four novels survived the first round, which unfortunately eliminated "Mercury Silver" with all our short-story authors.

The four novels below:

Lupa The Mystery of the Solar WindAlmost Dead in Suburbia Tabika

(Find the details here: http://www.pkaboo.net/fbcontest.php)

Round 2 entailed downloads of the winning novels within a certain window of time / to a certain maximum number of copies.  

Why so vague, P'kaboo?  Because we are pioneering.  We agreed with the authors on a maximum number of books, and a cut-off date.  

I can say that the downloads were a huge success.  And the window on Round 2 closed in due course.

Round 3: Review and win.

This round will be open until 1 February.  

Readers who wish to write a review of the story they have read, can do so and stand a chance to win.

Post your review on Goodreads; then send us the link, and we'll look.  If you win, you can take your pick of one paperback book out of our shop - including the music books and multimedia DVDs and CDs!  The book or item will be mailed to you.

This is of particular interest to people who e.g. read "Lupa" and now wish to order an "Everywhen Angels", or "Tabika 1" and wish to order a "Tabika 2", etc.  

Other news:

"The Everywhen Angels" (Marie Marshall) and "Raider" (Lyz Russo) will come out in paperback not too far in the future.  The books will have to be pre-ordered though.  

 If you wish to pre-order a paperback copy of Marie Marshall's "The Everywhen Angels" or Lyz Russo's "Raider", please

  contact us at this link.

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