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Friday, November 28, 2014

Carmen Capuano signs to P’kaboo! 

November 28, 2014 

Bookseekeragency announces:

Our client Carmen Capuano‘s new novel Split Decision has been taken up by P’kaboo Publishers, and is due out early in 2015. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile our congratulations go to Carmen, and also to P’kaboo on their choice!

Yes, P'kaboo are happy to verify this: Author Carmen Capuano has signed on for the publication of her YA novel "Split Decision".

We subjected the author to the P'kaboo Book Club on Facebook, and some reader questions.  Here is the post. If you are a fan of Carmen's or enjoy books in general, do check in on the P'kaboo Book Club; we have fun every Monday night, every time we do something different.  Sometimes we interview an author; sometimes we play a story game or rhyme; sometimes we discuss books.  The discussion does not die between Mondays but continues in relaxed Facebook-style commenting mode.

A more official author interview of Ms Capuano is posted at this link on the Bookseeker Agency's blog.

Carmen, welcome aboard!

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