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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thunderclap for the launch of Carmen Capuano's "Split Decision"

We invite all readers and friends of P'kaboo to join us in making this publicity wave something special for our author Carmen Capuano.

Carmen Capuano's Thunderclap for the launch of Split Decision

Here is how you can help:

Click on the image or caption to go to the Thunderclap.  Read the details, then decide if you would like to lend your support for her publicity.

Thunderclap gives you three options in which to support: Via Facebook, Twitter or tumblr.  Select the social medium (or media, if you wish to use more than one) that you are prepared to "lend" to the cause.  Then authorize Thunderclap to use that app.

The result:  On the 4th of July, at 12h EDT, Thunderclap will post a single copy of the post as you see it, onto your social medium - once.  E.g. if you selected Facebook, the post will appear on your timeline, once.

Thunderclap gives you the choice of opting out, right to the last moment; also, the site promises that this is all they will post on your timeline, no spam, no ads, nothing unsolicited. 

Read more about the book here.

Love to read?

Remember, without readers, authors don't have a reason to write.  You are our stories' life blood.  By boosting and attending a launch, by reading a book and by giving a comment, you are making an author's day.  By supporting new authors and fresh voices, you are creating the platform for new stories to come to life.

We at P'kaboo thank you for your participation from the bottom of our hearts.

Join the P'kaboo Book Club, where new books and new authors are launched and celebrated.

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