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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Congratulations, Andrea Kaczmarek, on a 5-starred book review!

Our author Andrea Kaczmarek has just received a 5-starred book review for her children's book, "Pink Wish Ice Cream".

The reviewer: Jessyca Garcia for Readers' Favourite.


Book Review
Reviewed by  for Readers' Favorite

Andrea Kaczmarek’s Pink Wish Ice Cream is filled with pink! Pink socks, pink hair and, most importantly, pink wish ice cream. Mrs. Polly Pink-Witch is a witch who drives an ice cream truck and sells Pink Wish Ice Cream to children. If they are polite they get a wish; if they are rude they just get normal tasting ice cream. This story is about one special boy, named Oscar Day, and how he made a special wish that came true.

Pink Wish Ice Cream may be a book for young kids, but I happened to enjoy it. Andrea Kaczmarek had me at the first mention of ice cream. I also liked that she snuck in how children have to use their manners and be polite in order to get nice things. That was the only way to get a wish. For the wish to actually work, the child needs to wish for something that is for someone else, which teaches them not to be greedy.

It is a book about good manners. 

Author Andrea Kaczmarek with Illustrator Eva Kuenzel
The wish Oscar made was a very good one. It was one that everyone could enjoy and get use from. One thing I really liked was at the beginning when Kaczmarek named all the other witches. They all had their own color and ate only that color food. They also all had a cat in that color, which I thought was pretty cool. I hope this is a hint for more books to come. Pink Wish Ice Cream is a cute book. It is one that I would be happy for my child to read. I think that this book is geared more towards girls with all the pink, but I can see boys enjoying it too.

Thank you, Jessyca Garcia.  What a lovely review!

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, at

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