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Monday, October 1, 2018

Immy and other stories

Focus on Children's Books:

While we are setting up shop here in Ireland, we are placing additional focus on children's stories.

Delightfully, Immy and the Dragon by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble and Amanda Fieldgate, has just been reformatted and proof copies are on hand.

Immy was originally a multimedia creation (and still is, but this is for now on hold).

She is now available in paperback, soft booklets, or in a collective.

A good close-up look at our Pink Wish Ice Cream, by Andrea Kaczmarek and Eva Kuenzel, reveals that the booklet is great! 

More of our children's books include Tabika 1 and 2 and the entire Magic Circle Saga series by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble.

Many of these books are being overhauled with newer covers, and there are further children's books in the pipeline.  We can't say too much yet.

... Watch this space for surprises!

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