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Friday, November 2, 2018

Review by Colleen Chesebro for "Nix Romipen" - author Lyz Russo

Thank you Colleen Chesebro for this beautiful review of "Nix Romipen" - volume 6 in the Solar Wind series.

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After the clash with the Morrigan, Federi, and Paean long for peace away from the captain and his politics, including the lack of privacy aboard the Solar Wind. After all, the two have never had a proper honeymoon or much time alone. To remedy the situation, Federi takes matters into his own hands, and the two escape to Romania, Federi's place of birth.

Once there, Federi recognizes his bond with the Romney has strengthened his resolve as memories of the old gypsy curse of Falco ignite his urge to pursue the Unicate. Everywhere he and Paean look, the Unicate has decimated the people of planet Earth, especially the Romney.

Read the whole review at this link.

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